#10 – The One Without Alexis Sanchez

The saga is over… not the Star Wars saga, the Alexis Sanchez saga. By the time you read this, his picture in a Manchester United shirt would’ve been plastered all over the media. And without him, Arsenal trounced Crystal Palace. Was he really dressing room poison? Were the boys playing with a point to prove? Have a listen and see if you agree with the Highbury & Heels squad.

#9 – The Hand of Pod with Gary Lineker

Football legends don’t get much tastier than this! The H and H squad is honoured to welcome former Leicester, Everton, Tottenham, Barcelona and England striker, Gary Lineker. From the despair of Diego Maradona’s Hand of God to seeing his beloved Foxes win the Premier League, we discuss it all with the man who fulfilled the bet of all bets… presenting MOTD in his boxers! Get stuck in.

#8 – Chopped Down at Forest

Hands up who has an FA Cup hangover?! Well the Highbury and Heels squad are on deck with a Cup cure. We dissect the worst game of the season so far and bring in the ref to discuss the double-kick in the head from Nottingham Forest. There’s a Theo rant, a little Snog Marry Avoid and another classic How May I Assist You. Grab a Carabao cuppa and have a listen!

#5 – Dr. Who… No, It’s Matt Lucas

British comedic genius joins the Highbury and Heels squad to chat all things Arsenal. The Little Britain and Dr Who star has been a lifelong fan & just released his autobiography, Little Me: My Life From A to Z. Find out if he wants to sell Alexis or keep Ozil! And does he think the Invincibles are superior to the Anfield 89 squad?

#4 : Speaking with the Enemy – Ryan Giggs

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs joins the Highbury & Heels squad for an epic chat. From Sir Alex Ferguson, Mourinho, Wenger & that insane Arsenal rivalry to Giggsy’s coaching ambitions & his disappointment in not becoming Manchester United manager. Plus you won’t want to miss the quickfire round where we find out his favourite cheer-up movie, his love for Game of Thrones and which Neville brother he’d choose to save! Get stuck in.

#3 – The Referee’s a Wanker!

The Highbury & Heels squad talk Burnley, Cologne (reluctantly), lady luck & even a little cheating. A surprise guest talks about this weekend’s so-called dodgy penalty decisions. One of the squad rips the blue & white kit to shreds, & find out which H&H member was mentioned in the brilliant Tuesday Club Podcast. And as if that wasn’t enough of a serving, How May I Assist you returns & this time we don’t screw it up!

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