#4 : Speaking with the Enemy – Ryan Giggs

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs joins the Highbury & Heels squad for an epic chat. From Sir Alex Ferguson, Mourinho, Wenger & that insane Arsenal rivalry to Giggsy’s coaching ambitions & his disappointment in not becoming Manchester United manager. Plus you won’t want to miss the quickfire round where we find out his favourite cheer-up movie, his love for Game of Thrones and which Neville brother he’d choose to save! Get stuck in.

#3 – The Referee’s a Wanker!

The Highbury & Heels squad talk Burnley, Cologne (reluctantly), lady luck & even a little cheating. A surprise guest talks about this weekend’s so-called dodgy penalty decisions. One of the squad rips the blue & white kit to shreds, & find out which H&H member was mentioned in the brilliant Tuesday Club Podcast. And as if that wasn’t enough of a serving, How May I Assist you returns & this time we don’t screw it up!

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